Lash Extention

How Often to Refill Lash Extensions?

The natural lash shedding process is an important aspect of maintaining your lashes. Lashes experience a continual shedding process where an average of 2-5 lashes are lost each day. This process is natural and consistent, but the rate of shedding may fluctuate depending on seasonal factors. It is essential to schedule regular lash refills every two to three weeks to ensure a continued state of beauty and fullness for your lash set. While some people can extend the refill period to three to four weeks, it’s not advisable due to the risk of substantial lash loss, which may necessitate a full set instead of a refill.

The upper lid of a person encompasses an average of 90-120 natural lashes per eye, which can mount up over time when refills are delayed. The shedding process is uneven, and some eyes shed more than others, leaving gaps. Regular lash refills can address this issue, ensuring consistently beautiful lashes. At the 2-3 week mark, you may observe a slight loss of shape in your lash set due to outgrown lashes which can be rectified during a refill appointment. By choosing our lash refill services, you gain access to expert assistance in maintaining healthy, long-lasting, and beautiful lashes.

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