Beauty Meets The Eye

Preserving your natural lash health is the key to a long-lasting, stunning set of lashes. Super Lash Spa specializes in customized eyelash extensions that complement your natural beauty. 

We don’t use any pre-made fans. Our customized eyelash fans are handcrafted in our spa for each client, providing lightweight, natural-looking lashes like no other. 

We developed a unique method to complete your eyelash extensions faster, saving you time and making your experience streamlined and convenient. 

Bask in a relaxing atmosphere at our zen-inspired spa, conveniently located at the heart of Santa Monica.
Your personal eyelash extension artist is waiting for you.

The Super Lash Advantage

Passion & Expertise

This is our labor of love which we developed over a period of over 10 years.

100% natural Look

Our signature, handcrafted fans create a natural-looking set of lashes like no other.

customer satisfaction

We believe great customer service makes life easier for everyone.

Quick & Easy

Our signature, streamlined and convenient eyelash extension method.


From single lashes to mega volume, we provide Classic Lashing, Hybrid Set, Wispy Volume, and permanent makeup service and skin care.

We specialize in Lash Lifting, which is like a perm for your natural eyelashes. Unlike lash extensions, a Lash Lift alters the shape of your natural eyelashes. Adding tint to your Lash Lift makes your eyelashes look naturally fuller.

Lash Extention